Saturday, July 28, 2012

Photographing Products

Owning my own Etsy shop has been a series of trials and error for me.

Learning what I think my products and worth, how to actually make money selling them, packaging, and most of all the photography.

I am a photographer.  For two years I owned my own wedding photography business and supported myself doing it.  However, I consider myself a lifestyle photographer.  I like taking pictures of people, of events, weddings, families, and snapping photographs of my daily life.

Taking pictures of products?  Very, very different!  I especially have a hard time with products that are three dimensional.

I listed my first paper bracelet about a week ago.  Honestly, I wasn't sure about the photographs.
I think there are a few problems. 
1.  The image may be too dark
2.  The background is too busy and the wood that I placed the bracelet on is too dark.  I think both detract from the product and the customer can't see the textures and the colors clearly.

I started looking on the internet and realized that most products that I am attracted too were much lighter.  Taken with a white background so that I was really able to see exactly what the product was.

I decided to do a mini photo shoot and see what I could do.

First, I do have a nice camera!  I was a photographer, remember?!  It is a Canon 5D.
Second, I do have some lenses and I decided to use my 28-70mm so I was able to zoom in on the product.

Third, I wanted a bright light source that I could point at the product in the direction I wanted.  I am able to change the warmness or coolness when I am editing the photograph.  I decided to use my craft light which I bought at Walmart years ago for $15.
I took two pieces of plain white paper and used a stool I use at my craft table also bought at Walmart for $12.  I set the whole thing up against the wall.  I put one piece of paper on the stool and the other on the wall to make the white background.
I took the two finished bracelets and snapped away at all different angles.  The setup does not look professional but it definitely worked!

I am happier with these photos!  I think it is easier to see the bracelets.  I think the shapes, the texture, and the colors stand out against the white background.

I am going to keep working on it, but I am calling this experiment a success!

Until tomorrow,



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