Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Voting for Something Important to me...

Happy Election Day!

I proudly stood in line this morning with Meridyth and a few of our neighbors to vote.  I LOVE voting.  I have loved the idea of voting since before I could even cast a ballot myself.

I remember being a little girl, probably around six, and going into the voting booth with my mom.  Even at that time, not understanding what all of those people were doing standing there so patiently, I knew it was something important.

This year especially is very important to me.  Yes, the presidential election is important, but what I am talking about is question six in Maryland giving lesbians and gays the right to marry.

I still get annoyed every time I think of people having the right to vote on my marriage, I feel like they are voting on my life which I proudly say is very good. 

I have a wonderful partner, I am a tax paying citizen who contributes to the community, we have rescued animals, and I am hoping to work in the medical field to give back more to the community.  It truly incenses me that people are choosing whether my lifestyle is acceptable when I know in my heart it is and that I will never have an opportunity (nor do I want one) to vote on theirs.

Meridyth placates me by saying that we wouldn't do anything different in our lives even if question six was passed.

This is true.  We consider ourselves married.  She is my wife and I have chosen to spend the rest of my life with her.  However, it would be nice to be able to be "legally" married or at least have the right to do it.

So I would ask you to vote for passing question six.  Eventually, I believe that we will look back at this in sixty years and not believe that once people in the community had the right to vote on others marriages.
So, to end this ranting post, GO VOTE!

Lots of Love,


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