Saturday, November 3, 2012

Paper Products for the Home now available on LoveUPaperly!

Hi Everyone!

My honey just bought me coffee from Dunkin Donuts and I am busy studying for my two quizzes today.

I first want to say that my sympathy and prayers goes out to all of those that have been affected by Hurricane Sandy.  The photographs from New Jersey and New York are heart breaking.  Living in Maryland we were very nervous for the storm and I am thinking about all of those people that are picking up the pieces.

That being said, I would like to introduce a new section in my Etsy shop LoveUPaperly.

I have been making paper bowls forever and I have decided to list some of them (one for right now, I am in school, remember?!).

I am a big recycler and I love the fact that I can use scrap paper and make something so beautiful, delicate, and useful out of it.

Listed for $8.50 got to my site for more info.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, I'm off to school!

Lots of Love,


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