Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Unusual photographs by artist Lori Nix

Hi everyone!

Remember when I said I would try really hard to start blogging more regularly again? didn't work!

I have been so busy with school, and now Meridyth has strep throat and a high fever.  However, even though my blogging has been lacking I had to show all of you these photographs that I came across.

I have StumbleUpon on my phone.  Do any of you use StumbleUpon?  I highly recommend it for its addictiveness and ability to constantly show you cool websites.

Anyway, I was not working at work (don't tell!) and came across this photographer Lori Nix.

I looked at one photograph, then another, then another, and soon found myself transported to a world of her creation and wanting to look at more.

She builds worlds out of paper, clay, and other materials and then photographs them so they look like they are a place that she came across in her travels that you or I could visit.

I am entranced.

This is what she says on her website:
"I am often asked questions about the inspiration for my work as well as my working process. As a ‘non-traditional’ photographer (I construct my subject matter rather than go find it) people find it hard to grasp what exactly it is that I do. And the fact that it is all done in front of the camera, with no digital manipulation, adds its own set of challenges. Building materials, lighting, issues of scale and space all become significant when you are recreating the world on a table top."

These are just a few select samples on her website which I suggest you check out. 

I find it fascinating how she builds these worlds and then photographs them.  In my head I am thinking, wouldn't it be easier to paint the images in your head?  I think that is what is so amazing!  The detail she uses is painstaking and I can only imagine the endless hours that must go into to building some of these images.

I am in LOVE!  Did I mention the lighting?  I think Lori Nix may be my new favorite artist.

Lots of Love,


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