Monday, October 22, 2012

Ups and Downs and All Arounds...

Hello There!  Are you still reading even though I have not been a good and stable blogger?

In truth, like all of you, I have many ups and downs.  For me, most of my ups and downs happen to be health related.

Even after almost a year of recovering from my spinal fusion I still have good days and bad days.  Today happens to be a bad day.  Even though I laid out my gym clothes for tomorrow on my quest to become healthy again I know in my heart I will not be going because currently I have abandoned my school work and I am lying on my back in bed with a very, very cold ice pack urging through strong mental will power to bring down the swelling that today is not allowing me to turn my neck in either direction.

Besides my neck my whole body hurts which means that my Fibro Myalgia or whatever diagnosis they are giving me this week, is also rearing its ugly head tonight.

At times like this I hate my body for feeling so weak and hurting so much.  However, at times like this I also appreciate my love for the beauty in the world which keeps me going.

So instead of complaining I am going to show you some of the pins I have been pinning on Pinterest!
I Waste So Much Time
found on the blog:  I Waste So Much Time
This image is found on the tumblr page Tard the Grumpy Cat.  I just looked at it and the whole page is pictures of this adorable and grumpy little guy.  Too Funny!
Wooden Shower Head by Rare
Love Me Do Wedding Photography
How beautiful is this photograph?  The Brides, The scenery, I am swooning!

Lots of Love and Beauty in the World,


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