Monday, May 14, 2012

A great Irish author Tana French

Hello everyone!

I am slowly coming back to the world of the internet after the wedding.  I can't believe it was just a little over a week ago.

It is funny how fast one day, one night, can be.

I also finish the online class I was taking on Friday and I am taking the Summer off!  This is the first Summer in four years that neither Meridyth or I have school so I am hoping to we can enjoy it at least a little!

Now onto the title of the blog post!

I have been reading a lot lately.  I LOVE to read.  I have always loved it.  I am particularly fond of mystery books though as I have gotten older I will read pretty much anything.

I usually read two or three books at a time because if I get annoyed or bored with a book but don't want to give up on it I will have other books to fall back on.

In the past maybe two years I have been obsessed with the Irish author Tana French.  She is amazing.  Her books are not gruesome, more suspenseful and in each book, she has written three, she will take a character from the previous book and have them be the main character and have the voice in the book be theirs.

I am re-reading one of her novels called the likeness.
I would recommend reading her books in order since each character is introduced in a previous book, but if you read them I'm sure you will have a favorite.

She is coming out with a new novel on July 24, 2012 called Broken Harbor and I can't wait to buy it!

Do you like to read?  What are your favorite novels or authors?

Until tomorrow,



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