Sunday, September 8, 2013

Funny and slightly inappropriate cards that I am proud of....

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Does anyone else get very grumpy on Sunday?  Meridyth pointed my mood out to me today when I was stomping around the house making a list to go to grocery store.

If I look back on my behavior it seems that I get grumpy every Sunday, especially when I am in school too, and I think it is because Sunday means that my whole world collides again on Monday.

Something that has been putting me in a good mood is some of my new art work I have been working on that is now posted in my etsy shop LoveUPaperly!

I have been doing a lot of hand-lettering and have turned that into a new section in my shop of funny and slightly inappropriate cards.

This card makes me laugh!  It is currently listed for $2.25 on my site.  I was inspired partly by my grumpy moods and partly by the Jewish Holidays.

This card was made with colored pencils and I loved the way it looked once it was scanned digitally and printed.

Look for more fun things on LoveUPaperly and I will go back to trying not to be grumpy.

Lots of Love!


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