Saturday, August 24, 2013

Finally Spending some Quality Time with my Etsy Shop LoveUPaperly

I have been thinking about posting so many new products to LoveUPaperly and trying to do a push for new items, but we all know how that goes!

While I was away in California on family vacation (I will post pictures of that eventually) I was able to do so many water color paintings and works on some hand calligraphy.  I also had the chance to really think about what I wanted my Etsy shop to be.  That was inbetween the fire pit and pool time!

Back to Etsy.  This is what I decided.  As an artist, I have never been able to focus on one thing.  If I should have been painting, I wanted to be printmaking, If I was printmaking, I wanted to be drawing.

My teachers always saw this as something that was a hindrance to my art.  The more I think about it the more I have decided to use it as a positive.  I love all different kinds of art and enjoy doing different kinds of things.

I have decided to not focus on only one thing on LoveUPaperly.  Instead I am going to sell my cards, and prints, and jewelry, and my sculpture.  I will take it as it goes and keep making art that makes me happy.

Here are some of the latest listings:
Original Watercolor Print

Original Watercolor Print

Original watercolor print

Polymer Clay Flower Miniature

Polymer Clay Flower Miniature

Polymer Clay Flower Miniature

Polymer Clay Flower Miniature
The Prints above are each selling for $8.50.  The Clay Flowers are selling for $4.50.  Look on LoveUPaperly for more items.

I have to say I am happy with the work I have put into the new items and school is starting on MONDAY.  Uhhhhggg.

Hope everyones weekend is going well.

Lots of love,


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