Sunday, May 5, 2013

Slowly Coming Back and a New Purchase....

Hello All!

I looked at this blog the other day and I realized I had let it go stagnant for months.  Like many other things in my life including my Etsy site and my gym membership!

Like many of you I have a hard time with life sometimes and the last few months have been a time of reflection.  I haven't been happy these past few months.  Not necessarily with one thing, but with many things that have all added up to one big heaping pile.

I am currently taking the second anatomy and physiology and also physics which combined with working a forty hour week has been insane.  I was thinking about applying to sonography school, well, did apply to a sonography school.  I had all of the prerequisites and at first was denied an interview but went over the head of admissions head to the director and got an interview but alas was wait-listed.

When I received the e-mail I was wait-listed I realized a few things.  I was not upset that I didn't get into the school.  Really what I was upset about was that I had wanted something to fix all of my problems.  Fix my unhappiness at work, and my feeling of stagnation, and my lack of progress.  I wanted a panacea, a cure all for everything.

As I cried to my Mom and Meridyth and my best friend Stephanie they all agreed that I needed to get back to finding myself again.

Finding myself again has included a push to finish these two classes and only take online classes this summer so as not to kill myself, to make presents for people who have been very supportive in my time of crisis these past few months, and to go back to therapy!

Also, I bought myself an iphone!  I told Mer on days when she is not nice to me I may love my iphone more than her!  It is only an iphone four.  I have Tmobile, because of the cheap plans, and was not eligible for an upgrade but I found a gently used phone and I have to say it is the BEST present I have every bought for myself.  I AM IN LOVE!

I joined instagram and I love sharing photos.  I was a photography major in school and having a forum to share and comment and like photographs is amazing!  Check me out by clicking the link.

One more thing.  Happy Anniversary to Meridyth.  Though it has been ten years it is our first wedding anniversary today!

This was the top of our wedding cake.  We didn't wrap it well so it had freezer burn but it was still fun.

Lots of love,


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